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Sweet, works perfectly!

Thanks so much! :)

Alright, i couldnt figure out an exact pattern as of now.

Probably gonna work with my workaround for now.
Your plugin is nevertheless a gamechanger for me, totally awesome!

So thanks for that ;)

Oh, thanks for the quick reply!

Yea i figured that that would be difficult to fix.

The workaround with Automation should work fine for me, but i run into different problems there.
Cant quite put my finger on it, but sometimes when i automate the program change the wheel will jump to the correct position in the plugin but the minilogue will (i think) be one program down from that. (So wheel at 17 and minilogue at 16 for example).
When i then click through the programs via the arrows in the plugin it behaves really strangely and jumps say 3 programs ahead or something like that.

I will experiment a bit more and write again, but maybe you can find a problem with that description already?

A slightly annoying workaround for me right now is to create a different track that sends midi to the ext instrument track and handle program change on that. You have to send directly to the ext Instrument instance though, not just Track In.

Hey, great work on the device, planning on using it in a big live set for my minilogue.
Im running into one problem though. When i use the standard program change implemented in my ableton midi track it changes the program in the plugin but not on my minilogue.
There are some workarounds with multiple tracks(which would be a bit clunky) but maybe im doing something wrong in the first place? Or is it a bug you are aware of?