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I sorted it. The MIDI function switch on the Juno was set to "I KYBD". Don't know how that happened. Must have been when I moved it or something. I had read when I got the Juno that "most users just set this to function III and forget about it". I'd obviously forgotten about it!

Anyway, add:

I ensured the MIDI function switch on the back of the Juno was set to "III All".

... and this is everything I did to get Juno106Control to work for me on the Mac. Hopefully this will be helpful to others.

Hi all. I'm struggling getting this to work. I've read all the other posts and followed all the advice (I think). I know it must work as there seem to be plenty of satisfied customers! I'll quickly run through my setup, and the steps I've taken. Hopefully someone can tell me what I'm missing!

I have Ableton Live 9 Suite running on Mac OSX 10.2.6 (Snow Leopard).

I have attached the MIDI in port of the Juno to the MIDI out port on my Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 audio interface. I have also routed MIDI back from the Juno to the audio interface.

I have created a new external device in the Mac's Audio MIDI Setup application, named the device Juno-106, and made connections between the Komplete Audio 6 device and the Juno-106 device to reflect the MIDI setup described in the previous paragraph.

I have launched the JunoRouter in Max Runtime, and selected the Juno-106 device I created in the Audio MIDI Setup application.

I have added the Juno106Control MIDI effect to a new track in Live, and dragged an External Instrument object into the Detail View to the right of the Juno106Control. I have set 'MIDI To' in the External Instrument to Komplete Audio 6 Ch. 16, and set the Juno to use MIDI channel 16.

If I arm the track I can record into a clip using the Juno-106 keyboard, no problem, and the Juno will play back whatever notes are played out over MIDI from Live, using whichever patch is currently set on the Juno itself. (This is the same behaviour that is observed if I remove the Juno106Control from the Detail View altogether, so I don't suppose there are any surprises there.)

With note information playing out to the Juno from my Live clip, I then try to shape the sound using the controllers in the Juno106Control. This has absolutely no effect on the Juno whatsoever. I can't even change the patch from Juno106Control. Everything I do in Juno106Control causes the 'view activity' blinker in the JunoRouter runtime object to flash, so it is receiving the messages (and doing the sysex conversion, I expect), but the new messages are not being passed on over MIDI channel 16, although the note information is.

Any help would be gratefully received!