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Hi Gross, this is a really nice device, I'm having great fun using it with DrumRacks :)

One thing that would be a really nice addition is if the step number would be something that can be mapped. Changing the Step number live on drums is great for raising the energy in a build up, but doing that with a mouse looking at the screen is really a no-go.
Maybe something to think about :)
I also noticed that changing the step number from long to short and then back again erases the pattern of the steps that were in the shortened section. That poses a problem for that workflow as well :/

Also it seems to me that settings are often lost on both the sequencer and the receiver. Always when reloading the set, but sometimes also during one session if it hasn't been used a while or has been turned off for a bit. Might be a bug.

Otherwise great effort, I also quit dig the look :)
Cheers Tom