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Devices by WalrusFlower

TranPan Version 1.0
Grainy Day Version 1.0
Pianerb Version 1.0
LFOlava Version 1.0
HarmFarm Version 1.0
Piastrone Version 2.0

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Comments by WalrusFlower


Hey, sure we’re working on it and we’ll update it soon!
Anyway it should work anyway even if with less functionalities.

Thank you so much for notifying us these issues, we fixed it rn. We really appreciate your support, let us know if it's showing the right way :)

HI, thank you for your support and the bug detecting, we have to figure out why it is working like this on certain versions. Btw I just updated it, let me know if it works fine now :)

Thank you! Much appreciated, I'll take a look on this bug and send the fixed device via mail asap :)

I just fixed, sorry fot it, should work just fine now and thank you very much for you attention, really helped me! :)

Hey, I just fixed the bug, let me know if you received the email to download the new version! Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you for the feedback, I'll take a look and fix that bug!

Thank you Torley! I didn't notice that, just fixed :)

Yea it just lets you post 1 screenshot or gif, but it pretty useless when your main topic is audio.

Totally agree! That's why can find video demos at the link in description

I added in the description where to find video demos, I'll soon open a youtube channel with all the devices! Thank you, hope you enjoy :)