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MBFM Drumset Editor Version 1.0
Opfour-Presets-MegaPack Version 1.0

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This device is really cool, it's worth every cent.
Very funny to play with.
The user interface is well thought, packs a lot of functionality, is easy to operate and looks simply great.
Thumbs up!

What you want to do, does not need M4L at all.
Start with your first synth and use "Group".
This creates a so called "Instrument Rack".
And then add as much Instruments into their own Chains to the Rack, as you need different instruments.
Then you need to setup your chains in the Chain Select Editor.
If this is done, just map the Chain Selector to a macro knob.

If you have done everything right, you can switch between instruments or instrument articulations just with the macro knob.

To see an example how this is done, check the Instrument Rack preset "Guitar.adg", which is part of Ableton Live Suite Factory Library.
There are much more presets using the Chain Selector, but this one came to my mind at first.

I started writing a post here yesterday, while testing the plugin.
It had become a very long post over the last day with massive feedback to your patch.
Unfortunately i was logged out of maxforlife for a unknown reason, and the post was send to nirwana...

Hey Crohab,
Thanx for your Feedback!

Hey Crohab,
Thanx for your Feedback!