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About TenSquare: I'm a french Ableton Live tutor, musician and developer.
I live in the south of France.
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Matrix-1000 Editor Version 1.0.0

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Hi Slorrin,
Looks like SysEx messages are not getting through and only program changes are taken into account.
What version of Live and Max are you using?
What MIDI interface do you use?

Hello dear users!
Would you be motivated to make a short video to show us how you program your Oberheim Matrix-1000 with my Max for Live editor, post it on YouTube and give us the link here?
Thank you all so much for your positive feedback and encouragement!
Good kisses from France.

Hello Victor,
Je suis ravi que tu aies finalement réussi à faire fonctionner mon device dans ton setup. Juste pour savoir, tu utilisais quelle version de Max précédemment ?
Amuse-toi bien, et n'hésites pas à donner ton retour d'expérience utilisateur ici ! ;)
- - -
Hello Victor,
I'm glad you finally got my device working in your setup. Just to know, which version of Max did you use previously ?
Have fun, and don't hesitate to give your user experience feedback here! ;)

Hi Lorenzo,
Thank you for your comment. I have made a special effort to write my user documentation, I hope it will help you to make my device work with your Matrix-1000 under Live 10 & Windows 10. Let me know when you're done :)
Have fun !

Hi Elliot,
The world is small ! :)
I'm really happy to know that my device works well under macOS Monterey and the latest versions of Max and Ableton Live. A good point !
I myself had started the development of the Matrix-1000 Editor via the original Oberheim EPROM v1.11. It's true that the processing of SysEx messages is a little slow... I then equipped the synth with the TaunTek EPROM, it was night and day! You should feel quite a difference when you receive yours, it's much smoother, especially on the filter movements! Thank you for your positive comment on my documentation, I took pains ;)
Have fun !

Hi Elliot,
I'm really happy that you like my MIDI editor for the Matrix 1000. :)
I hope you'll use it to create lots of new sounds and fully explore the potential of your synth, it's one hell of a machine!
Were you able to successfully operate the device in Ableton Live? Was my documentation useful to you ? What versions of Live and Max are you using?
Have fun ! ;)
All the best from France.

Hi Lorenzo,
What are the versions of your Ableton Live and Max softwares ? As explained in my user manual, you need will Live 10.1.30 and Max 8.1.8 to make the device work correctly.
Someone on Facebook has encountered exactly the same issue because he was using a previous Live version, I think it works for him now.

Thank you for your message and your very positive feedback, it's a pleasure ! :) Have you tried it yet ? Is everything working well ? Are you on Mac or PC ?