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Thank you!

Simple and beautiful. Thanks :)

Thank you!

I just love this device!
So simple and yet so powerful (for those who suck at patching, at least).
Anywhere I can donate?

Is it possible to have several instances of this in the same set?
I'd like to be able to double, half and divide my master into 2/3 of the tempo and so forth, just by MIDI mappable buttons.

Thank you so much for the answer, Simon.
I will keep on searching/patching.

All the best,

Hi Simon!
I'm trying to use this device to do this:

On one Drum rack I have different notes for drums playing. On a basic MIDI track I have a bass synth playing notes. I want to use the gate to make chosen drum note values force the bass MIDI track NOT to play notes whenever the specific drum note is playing. It should work kind of like a "MIDI sidechain compressor" on the bass track with the drums as the sidechain input, only with more control.
Do you know if I can achieve this? I tried using the "inverse" button, but I haven't figured it out.


Hey, synthesizerwriter. I really enjoy using this effect! It makes drum mixing much more dynamic.

There is one bug I wanted to ask you about, however: When I turn the prob knob for a note down to 0, that note always plays the next event from the sequencer, and THEN it stops sending note values through. This makes "mixing" with the prob knob playing the part of a level fader just a tad awkward, since it's hard to calculate when I need to turn the knob to zero if I always need to keep the next event in mind.

Could you think of what I might do to fix the patch myself to my liking?
Or would you consider doing it yourself for a new version against a donation at your website? (If you see this as a bug, that is.)

All the best,