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About Syncretia: I make music and M4L gadgets and stuff.
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WoFO Version 1.0
SpectreGadget Version 1.0
WoFO Sync Version 1.0
Lope Version 1.0
Widifier Version 1.0

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OK. I've never had this problem before. I would have see exactly what you did in order to diagnose this problem. Please send any issues to my email address:

Please send me the exact steps that you did to create your tracks, and send me screen shots of each track with the FX chains so I can see what is going on.

Please don't post questions here. I'm not able to email you back.

What does this do? Please post some instructions.

Dude, that's great! I'm working on something similar. You should read the last pages on these Ableton threads: and Definitely drop me an email because I'm keen to exchange ideas and get something going.

Email me and I'll personally step you through it. Yes it does work on Mac. Hang tight for tutorial. The only obstacle is findinga tutorial recorder that actually works.

Looks promising but how do I use this? I mapped a few keys to the kick/snare and pressed them but I got no sound.

A small "How To" guide would be great.

Sorry, I don't get this either. What's this supposed to do? I want to record drums in the same style as you would with an MPC. Can this do that? Or, is this things trying to recreate what an APC40 does with an MPD24?

It's up again. You can just download it as a zip file without having to rename it now.

Oops. Serious apologies. No harm intended. I just had to get a zip file up there somehow and had no idea that I could request that feature.

MaxForLive won't let me upload a zip file for some reason. Yet, I can zip the two files up and rename the file to AMXD so that's why it looks like one file and you can drag it on to the track. If you don't like this, complain to the MaxForLive website staff.

Myus, just for you I made an Autotuner:

The description? Or, the patch?

I've got a list of 7 enhancements to add. Some are easy, some will take some time to figure out how to do. But, when this is finished, it will seriously kick-ass.

What's CC?

I can understand why you'd want to assign the speed of the LFO to a knob or the mod wheel. That makes total sense - especially from a performance point of view. And when it comes down to it, writing the envelopes by hand will obviously give you the most control.

However, this tool a) takes instruments that don't already wobble, and wobble them b) allow you to wobble multiple parameters (multiple instances) at once and have those speeds change over time c) prototype.

At the end of the day, you might not use this for production. But you can get very intresting sounds very quickly with this.

And please email me if you are interested in future updates and spam about my music.

Damn straight she works nice. Rate this thing 5. Now.

Where can I sign up to be your follower ?


I'm going to try to get the website sorted out with a mailing list. I will be cleaning up the music and turning it in to something listenable as a unit so please keep an eye on the site.

Also, because I'm a nice guy, I'm going to expand this patch with more features. But, I'm going to put it in a zip file with my music so you are forced to download it.

The new patch will make WoFO 1 look like a droopy eyed limbless child.

I tried hooking this thing up to Photoshop, but it @#$#ed my photos of Thai hookers up so bad, I almost vomitted. Don't ask me what it did to facebook.

WoFO does 2 things, step sequence and LFO. But, if you have an Autotune plugin, you could get some really interesting effects by saying LFO'ing the pitch at different speeds throughout the bar.

I heartily endorce this product and/or event.