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Would be great to have it fixed.

Live toggle and Livetext(1) are filling up the undo history.
Would be grea

Hi Nonagon
I've been thinking that it would be convenient to have a time threshold setting for notes that are either right on the beat/clock or a little too late.
If a note is slightly too late it will be passed on at the next beat right?
But it may not be of any harm if it was actually played. So if there was a time threshold setting in milliseconds one could set that to 0-100 for example and the note would pass through if it arrives before the setting.

Hi veedjee

Is it not possible to play notes in arpeggiated order when holding several notes like a traditional arpeggiator? The notes just play at the same time...
It looks really great but if it lacks this feature I don't really see the purpose of it.

Beautifully made and so useful!
Looking much forward to your v2 update.
It would be convenient if you could delete nodes just by double-clicking.

Is this a joke?
It just opens your website and there's no mapping function...

This is such a handy tool! I have been looking for this for a while since the function was abandoned in Battery 4 and of course its much better to be able to use it with anything in Live.