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I'm not sure how active this project is, but, I have been trying to get it to work in Ableton 11. I have my project set up 100% exactly as depicted in the instruction manual, and I am able to audition my matrix via a usb midi keyboard, I can change the patch via the patch edit (select patch) but that's it. i can't alter the paramters (i have protect memory set to off), and I can't change ANY of the master parameters.

When I load the master editor, my midi interface should receive information, but it receives nothing. I know that the matrix can send info because when i set echo to ON and send midi notes, it sends the echo back.

It's neat to be able to set my patch in ableton, but that's all I can do, change from patch 000 to patch 493 or whatever, but nothing else.

Has anyone had this problem before?