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I'm also having the same trouble when setting up separate midi channels when I'm using more than one set or pair of the device...

Thanks for a great and useful device! However, sometimes when I've used it in my production and kept the loops running for a longer while, the note that sends the gate also gets sent with it, thus making the reciever play not only the gate and the input notes but the gate-note aswell. When this happens i solve it by restarting ableton or reloading the plugin, but this to me seems a bit silly.
Is there some way to solve this so it will be more stable and useful even when playing live?

Patrick DSP:
That is awesome, will try it out! Thanks!

I noticed that the touchstrip was a bit buggy in your previous version so I can understand you let go of that. I can't figure out though how to make the touchstrip Pitch Bend several instruments while having a Drumrack selected, making it scroll up/down the drumrack instead when i touch the strip. The touchstrip seems to always be dedicated to the track that is armed or selected. Maybe I'm missing something.

Great job!

I'm experiencing problems about 50% of the times i load my sets containing this device. The trouble I'm having is that it sends out an unwanted prg change message every other time it is loaded thus changing all synths and effects connected with it rendering me with a track sounding quite different from the night before. That is when I don't press save(big no no!) and instead reload the set in question hoping it will load correctly which it most often does.
However, at numerous occasions I've had to remove and reinsert the device since it seems to suddenly loose it's function altogether. I keep twisting the knobs but no messages are being sent. That's when i've been forced to delete the plugin from the track and then load it into a MidiEffect Rack chain which I have muted, to prevent the prg change message being sent on. I then redo the mapping and unmute the chain. Most of the time it works excellent but it gets a bit annoying when you've done it loads of times especially on large sets. Maybe a button for switching Program Change and Bank change on/off, by default set to off.

Another thing I've pondered with this great device is why Expression is Foot Ctrl CC#4 and not Expression CC#11.
And while I'm at it, I really liked the previous version 2.x.x when it still had the touchstrip functionability. Dedicating the touchstrip of Push exclusively to this device made it possible to have any other track selected even audio tracks and still have the dedicated function of the touchstrip. When using the touchstrip as a "Global" PitchBend this seems to me the most sensical way since tracks nowadys are autoarmed. It was a bit buggy but it was still cool. With the updated function of your device as well as Push I have to manually select my "MidiCtrl"-miditrack and then play with the touchstrip thus taking away some of the spontaneity of it. I hope you understand my point. I also liked the different modes of TouchStrip functions...

Either way I am most grateful for your work!