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Hi, thanks for the work. This could be very useful for getting more out my limited controllers.....BUT I'm not sure I understand. I tried this and one cannot change the incoming midi channel to match the channel my controller is outputting. My controller outputs channel 5, so this device cannot convert it to another channel. Any tips?

Hi Atomictag. Thanks for your hard work. Oddly I was mostly interested in this because of this: "(arming and un-arming tracks automatically routes the CC message to the right instance of this device)". I have not been able to find a M4L mapping device that enables armed-track-exclusive control. What I want to do is something that seems so obvious and essential, and yet have not been able to find a solution for ANYWHERE: I want to control a parameter with a knob, THEN when I arm another track, I can control a different parameter with the SAME knob without changing the parameter on the previous track. The only way your device successfully does this is if I turn off remote input from my controller in Live prefs. But then I can't use any of the other encoders on that controller with normal Live mapping. I guess this is the point when you say that this "Bypasses Live's midi map"? I would be very grateful for any thoughts. Thanks!!

Thanks Tom this is great, VERY essential for my set up. I use this to map buttons to device activation in instrument racks. Works quite well.....except for a problem: when I turn off and on some devices in one track, when I go to another track (where the same buttons are assigned to devices in THAT track), the LEDS on my nanoKontrol2 stay where they were from the previous track. I figured okay its a LED feedback issue which I may have to live with. But then I saw that the Parameter Gate dial imitates that....not sure if that's correct.....but the point being that I then have to turn the button on and off to try to match the device state before the Parameter Gate and my controller actually truly reflects the device state. Any thoughts? Thanks!