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CSWS 007 Compositor Max For Live Version 1.0.7
CSWS 001 AI-RT1024 Max for Live Version 1.1.6
CSWS 012 SASER CS16RT5 Max for Live Version 1.0
CSWS 005 SASER Max for Live Version 1.1.3
CSWS 003 AVOX Max for Live Version 1.1.6
CSWS 004 MDL12 Max for Live Version 1.2.1
CSWS 002 FF8 Max for Live Version 1.0.8
CSWS 006 TC25 Max for Live Version 1.1.4
CSWS 009 N9000 Max for Live Version 1.0.8
Compositor Max for Live Version 4.0

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I want to inform you that SASER Max for Live ver. 1.1.3 is now fully Ableton Live 10 and Max 8 compatible.


Compositor 4 Max for Live uses the same audio engine as Compositor 4 Standalone, except it doesn't have the stochastic generator. As it can be used with Max 7 and 8 Max for Live it consumes less CPU power than Compositor 4 Standalone, which is Max 6 based. Overal, with Q9450 Quad Core CPU, which is the 2008 processor, it reaches 90% CPU usage at 44100 Hz sample rate. This could be much less on modern CPU's. Besides it is a fully auxiliary sound engine, which can be used to spectrally process your input and has MS-decoder in it.

All in all you can qualify Compositor 4 Max for Live as a mastering processor to give your mix more spatial depth and give some analog overtones as in tube modelling. You can also use it to add tempo-synchronized analog synth sequences and physically modeled tones to your productions.

Best regards,

Open letter to Compositor Software users

Hello, Dear Compositor Software users!

Recently I released a new product, which is Compositor AI-RT1024: the same Compositor M4L algorithm with artificial intelligence for selecting a proper Time and Space combination. As a Compositor M4L users may already know it is a truth and I acknowledge you to spread a word about this.
I would love you to give a special 25% discount coupon for AI-RT1024 Max for Live device to buy it and use the artificial intelligence in your productions as a rendering or real-time performance.

The offer acts from 10th July 2015 till 15th July 2015!

Please visit the following product page if you are interested:

Best Regards,
Ruslan Yusipov CEO & Founder of Compositor Software

If you think about virtual machine in terms of its sound only this is really nothing. As a successful virtualization imlements a conventional technology on a basis of a program code AI-RT1024 is also uses not a simple algorithm of sine waves as you mention, but a physical modelling of pipes and waveshaping distortion making it a sort of XXI century organ with internal quantization.

The virtual machine is completely autonomous, this means it will perform all the parameter manipulation by itself. So, you put it on a midi track and get instant performance even without transport running. This is made on a purpose for a shuttle 2.0 function (v1.0 shuttle is used by many popular DAW's e.g. Cubase). Summarising, this is all to facilitate live performance of electronic music and if you wish any parameter manipulation you should look closer to other Compositor Software products such as Compositor Max for Live found here

Hi, thank you for your interest in Compositor Software!

AI-RT1024 virtual machine can facilitate your live performance by adding an artificially produced sequence in accordance to your performance. It uses stochastics and deterministic approaches at once to reach this goal. It selects tonality, permutates and switches instrumentation in real-time. It can free up your hands or you can play a virtual machines orchestra on stage without human interaction at all.

For those who still thinking Compositor Software is joking or something else here is a quick profile:

I'm a musician, producer and developer with more than 15 years expertise in a field. The Aritficial Intelligence project started in 2012 is already at version 3 of the main thinking routines. There are six modules of Compositor AI at the moment all are for algorithmic composition performance developed on the algorithm named in 'Compositor - the bottom-up approach' paper.

If it is not clear the AI-RT1024 instrument is a virtual machine more like a Dalvik running Android on Linux but inside Ableton Live 9. It runs a specialized algorithm of emulating the avionics v 12 engine. Please, read carefully the site as it clears up the whole conception and explains the pricing policy.

Hey Guys, I've uploaded a demo video for you. Please, check back the site!