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ROGUEStretta Dirty 808 Bass Version 1.1
BRASSandTIMPANI Version 1.1
CS80 Version 3
ROGUELEADAmultiVI Version 1.4
ROGUOTRON Version 2.2
Volca Keys Rogue Version 1.0
MalPoli Version 1.0
CS-80 MPE Version 3.0
Scarface Version 2.0
ODYSSEY Version 1.0
OPUS FREAK Version 1.0
LAMBDA Version 1.1
RogueTR808 Version 1.4
TR808 MODULES Version 0.1
Glue Sider Version 1.0
PLAYSTATION Live Remote Version 3.8
Scalebend-o-Tron ROGUE Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 13,967

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that's it, in one of the four slots !

at the left of the 4 slots you can see the code for the line, for exemple if you put g1 in a one of the 4 slots of the celli line, then the note played by the basses will not be played by the celli, the basses becoming prioritised to the celli and the note prioritised depends if you selected lowest/highest and the poly numbers selected (1 2 3 4 5 6), (if poly is selected g1 will send the lowest basse note to be prioritised to every line you entered g1)
this "enables" counterpoints for poly legato, but it's a bit tricky to program, the perfect algorithm doesn't exist this is why I choose to let the user "program" note priority algorithm.

if you want to polylegato between chords, then the "note off delay" trick combined to assign some poly number (1 2 3 4 5 6) will poly legato between chords.

when you understand how things are related to each others you can combine technics. again perfect algorithm does not exist (at least in my device) so the usage of preset is important to switch between orchestration snapshots

Hi ronigavriel,
in order to do poly legato, I suggest you let everything "on" (123456) and use the matrix for note priority (enter g1, g2 or g3 etc in place of the "0") g means green, the color ccoded for strings, this way when you press a note this will "cancel" for the others (replacing the velocity number by 0) that has the right code in the matrix line, this enable poly legato behaviour but you gonna have to experiment and understand how I conceive the device (not always easy for sure)
the note off delay can be also usefull for poly legato (when you program the poly algorithm like you did), so can be the poly/low/high boxes and combining technics depending on what you try to achieve

for your suggestion I had the same idea but it turns out to not be possible because of some m4l limits (that would be to long to explain) or it would have been too complicated. so I don't plan to update with this feature.

I'm thinking of making a YT video as a kind of tutorial but it's very time consuming
if you send me an email I can share a screenshot of the device programmed for polylegato this will not take me too much time

Hi there! just passing by to thank you for the device and share with you a modded "Scalebend-o-Tron": it just has the ability to get scale from Live API, I also get rid of the custom scale pattr preset system to simplify things for me...but anyway maybe you can update your device if you find a way and wish to do both custom presets and Live scale API


great !!! now it just works :) thanks a lot ! For my personnal needs I 've duplicated the "poly~ thinner_filter 123" to filter redundances also in poly key pressure data... Really appreciate your device, and thank you again for your reactivity.

Hi there! Seems that you need to freeze the device, I can't open "poly~ thinner_filter 123"... this resulting in CC filtering.

I changed the repeat interval in the inspector to meet my needs (0.01)... by the way you have put an exponent that constrain the intervals values at 0.5 or 10, intermediate values won't work unless you put back the exponent value from "4." to "1." in the inspector...

Thank You Simon! works fine, and I must say it's a shame that Ableton Live don't do what this thing do out of the box, it will save me so much time when recording

Hey Dwayne, you are welcome! I used to have an original ARP, and I remember to like the layout a lot, the Odyssey is all about crazyness, but can be also smooth, this max for live device is inspired by, I haven't managed to implement the feedback FM you can achieve with the real one maybe it's possible with a full max license and using GEN

@ Mantra, I managed to get rid of the error messages, hopefully it will work for you! :)

@ Mantra, thanks for reporting!
I am aware of the error message for the custom enveloppe function... I will try to correct it, but since it works for some people I know, and me, I was thinking that it should be ignored.
I think you use a Live version with some buggs at least not the latest stable one, but I will try to get rid of the errors, for the javascript I can't do anything because it's part of the stock "Vizzie" object, and again it will work fine with the latest stable Live

I found how to achieve Rotation voices assignations, just by putting a "steal" non zero argument in [poly], it steals voices and the voices rotate by the way. I will soon update but you can find the updated device in here:

yes you are right my patch uses this chain [poly] [pack] [route], this way I get the voice to reset but I also want to rotate so do you know another way?

Thank you very much "crsmarker" for your feedback, the Ableton Support team tells me that I have to disable all ram toggles (in every Sampler) to work nicely, I don't understand why but it actually works better, maybe the software does some automatic process to handle ressources, I wait for Ableton to explain what for and in which cases Ram toggle has to be engaged... glad that this project inspired you to make your own thing, and I would love to ear or see it somewhere on the web, don't hesitate to put links in the comments..

glad you like it, appreciate your feedback as well :) have fun