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ROGUEStretta Dirty 808 Bass Version 1.1
BRASSandTIMPANI Version 1.1
CS80 Version 3
ROGUELEADAmultiVI Version 1.4
ROGUOTRON Version 2.2
Volca Keys Rogue Version 1.0
MalPoli Version 1.0
CS-80 MPE Version 3.0
Scarface Version 2.0
ODYSSEY Version 1.0
OPUS FREAK Version 1.0
LAMBDA Version 1.1
RogueTR808 Version 1.4
TR808 MODULES Version 0.1
Glue Sider Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 8,109

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Hey Dwayne, you are welcome! I used to have an original ARP, and I remember to like the layout a lot, the Odyssey is all about crazyness, but can be also smooth, this max for live device is inspired by, I haven't managed to implement the feedback FM you can achieve with the real one maybe it's possible with a full max license and using GEN

@ Mantra, I managed to get rid of the error messages, hopefully it will work for you! :)

@ Mantra, thanks for reporting!
I am aware of the error message for the custom enveloppe function... I will try to correct it, but since it works for some people I know, and me, I was thinking that it should be ignored.
I think you use a Live version with some buggs at least not the latest stable one, but I will try to get rid of the errors, for the javascript I can't do anything because it's part of the stock "Vizzie" object, and again it will work fine with the latest stable Live

I found how to achieve Rotation voices assignations, just by putting a "steal" non zero argument in [poly], it steals voices and the voices rotate by the way. I will soon update but you can find the updated device in here:

yes you are right my patch uses this chain [poly] [pack] [route], this way I get the voice to reset but I also want to rotate so do you know another way?

Thank you very much "crsmarker" for your feedback, the Ableton Support team tells me that I have to disable all ram toggles (in every Sampler) to work nicely, I don't understand why but it actually works better, maybe the software does some automatic process to handle ressources, I wait for Ableton to explain what for and in which cases Ram toggle has to be engaged... glad that this project inspired you to make your own thing, and I would love to ear or see it somewhere on the web, don't hesitate to put links in the comments..

glad you like it, appreciate your feedback as well :) have fun