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ROGUEStretta Dirty 808 Bass Version 1.1
BRASSandTIMPANI Version 1.1
CS80 Version 2.1
ROGUELEADAmultiVI Version 1.4
ROGUELEADApolyphonic6 Version 1.3
CS60 Version 2.0
ROGUOTRON Version 2.2
Volca Keys Rogue Version 1.0
MalPoli Version 1.0
CS-80 MPE Version 3.0
Scarface Version 2.0
ODYSSEY Version 1.0
OPUS FREAK Version 1.0
LAMBDA Version 1.1

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I found how to achieve Rotation voices assignations, just by putting a "steal" non zero argument in [poly], it steals voices and the voices rotate by the way. I will soon update but you can find the updated device in here:

yes you are right my patch uses this chain [poly] [pack] [route], this way I get the voice to reset but I also want to rotate so do you know another way?

Thank you very much "crsmarker" for your feedback, the Ableton Support team tells me that I have to disable all ram toggles (in every Sampler) to work nicely, I don't understand why but it actually works better, maybe the software does some automatic process to handle ressources, I wait for Ableton to explain what for and in which cases Ram toggle has to be engaged... glad that this project inspired you to make your own thing, and I would love to ear or see it somewhere on the web, don't hesitate to put links in the comments..

glad you like it, appreciate your feedback as well :) have fun