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Hi Alkman,

Thanks for the response.

My Ableton Live and Max are both at the current versions but it looks like I have errors in Max, which I didn't realise until I tried to open the editor.

I guessing it's the Max issues I'm having that is causing the other issue.

I will get in touch with Cycling '74 support and update here. Cheers!

Hi I am having several issue with this device unfortunately.

If I click on any track other than the one with the sequencer on it, when I come back the sequencer is visibly eschewed and the bottom 10% of the plugin is no longer visible, meaning I can't press any of the buttons or see any of the values along the bottom.

Another issue I am having is that the presets do not work. I can save them but opening them does nothing.

These 2 issues together mean that any time I want to change anything in my project, I will need to delete this device and start it again from scratch as it will become unusable and I cannot load presets.

I can send you screenshots and am happy to help troubleshoot!