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Devices by Render

Re-Former Midi Send Version 1.0
Midi Note Sustainer Version 1.0
Pitchbend and Velocity Sequencer Version 2.0
jot.zoomer Zoom Utility Version 1.2
Overtone Filter Version 1.0
Overtone Filter Midi Send Version 1.0
Fm Ringmod Version 1.0
jot.keytempo Version 1.0
jot.keytempo hi Version 1.0
Korg DW8000 Stereoping Controller Version 1.0
ModyPoly Ctrl Version 2.0
Re-Former Version 1.0
Pitchbend Knob Version 2.0

Total Downloads: 4,996

Comments by Render


Hey all of you! I dont know if this helps, but you need to install the java development toolkit for this device to work, I put the link in the description!

It should control all kinds of zoom, since it's basically just triggering the +/- key. Do you have java installed? because the device uses a java external called mxj.autobot. Open the device and check if the autobot object is fine.

fixed it.

Im sorry guys, I'm having some issues with the sequencer object. Im on it!

glad you like it!

but im sorry, I have to disappoint you, because max devices only receive keypresses, when they are active (clicked on, changing values, etc.) so the device wouldn't receive the shift keypress. maybe this is possible with an external, but I dont have something like that.

Best, J

Could you post an Instruction? I cant wrap my head around how this i supposed to work, it always shows 0ms.