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I can't do anything I want to do with this because of the bugs :( this is exactly the device I'm looking for if the undo history wasn't clogged and I could deploy this thing across my whole template. Even at the cost of cpu and time, please try to make this thing work.

If anything, maybe if the device had multiple buttons or more than 2 values in toggle mode then I could stick with takeover mode.

@NickHydeViolin I love the device, just bought it today! But I'm running into some issues. When I duplicate a track with these buttons routed to some plugins in non-takeover mode, they don't follow the routing onto their new track. The devices are still linked to the plugin on the original track.

I'm trying to use these buttons to simplify my template. So I want to make routings with these buttons on my default MIDI and audio channels so that when I load a new channel up, the buttons are still linked to those VST's and do the functions I assigned them.

There's gotta be a way to fix this right? Or will I have to stick with takeover mode to make this work?