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I'm building devices geared around microtonality. This focus is on inputting the chromatic set into n-EDO systems between 12 & 36 tones. The formulae I developed for this are implemented in the Instrument devices using acoustic and synthetic sounds. Simple functions from those are used in Audio Effects. This is an evolving theory, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Check out my Soundcloud page to hear some audio samples of these devices.
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Devices by PatriceElise

Micron Synchronizer Version 1.1
Micron Modulator Version 1.1
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Version 1.1
Micronizer Version 1.0
Micronized Upright Piano 88-Key Version 2.2
Micronized Upright Piano 49-Key Version 2.2
Micron Resonator Version 1.2
Micron Reflector Version 1.1
Boss TR-2 Tremolo Version 1.0
Micronized Upright Bass Version 1.1
Micron Oscillator Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 546

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@discoparadis hey! They'll be back up in late summer as microtonal instruments. I had to rework them from scratch, so I'm just gonna re-release them then. Thanks! Hope you're doing well.