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First I Have to say big thank you to all of you for more than 1000 downloads. Its a warm rain!!!

Our Site is down since mid April 2020.

a little How to start with orang3box:

1. Download

the Problem with the .zip.amxd File-Ending, is the special Problem. What you should do after downloading is rename the file, because accept only .amxd file for uploading, but your download a .zip file. So we put manually .amxd to the filename for the upload.

2. Unpack your .zip file the best case is direct to your Ableton user Library Max Folder. or unzip and copy to this folder.

3. Big Question How to use orang3box, it is open to use over all your midi Channels and free to combine without changing the effect chain. For that possibilities you can open in every device the hidden track device selection or if you have a problem to connect the devices. So, you will see a little dot with a triangle in the right corner of every device to open the hidden part.

3. How to record. We developed to recorder. the normal video record, this one record only your video and can use everywhere.

You want to record your full performance (video and audio), you need the "performance recorder" on your Ableton Masterbus. and you don't need the Audio Videoexport ;-)

1.Choose your Destination/ codec and so on. Recording works only manually "Press Record" and the recording starts. If you see nothing on the Controls-Window in the recorder you have a Chain Problem, check it out in the hidden part.

4. There are some special Tools, for streaming over Network and for use with Streaming Software like OBS for Win/Mac user. These tools can only use for Video NOT AUDIO. IF you have Problems with these Tools, check the OBS Tuts.

Thank your so much and have fun!

THX for your comment hatyn. I fixed the Fontslist Problem and updated the download file

Windows User, copy the folder to your user library/presets/midi_effects/max_midi_effects, may it can help?