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Max for Live devices designed for Ableton Live users.

Developed by Javier Salthú, published by Isotonik Studios.
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Devices by Noisscoko

Ministeps MIDI Version 1.0
Ministeps Audio Version 1.0
BPEnvelope Version 1.1
FM Delay Version 2.0
AM Module Version 2.0
CC Manager Version 1.1
CC Random Version 1.1
Random Version 1.1
Functions MIDI Version 1.0
Functions Audio Version 1.0
Sempler Pro Version 1.1
Delay Chain Version 2.0
AM Chain Version 2.0
Repeat Pro Version 1.2
Maze Version 1.0.1
GrainLoop Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 7

Comments by Noisscoko


Thanks for your comments and support! I guess this is what you're experiencing... In this case the loop length is limited between 2 and 20 seconds. But remember! Ultimately these values are set by milliseconds. If you type in 50, it will think you're trying to set a 50 milliseconds buffer, which is below its limit and therefore the closest value is set instead. Try with 3000 ms (3 secs), 4000 ms (4 secs), etc. It's not different from any other time parameter within Live.