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I hope you get back to this because this is an awesome awesome tool for the launchpad and exactly why I got it. The versatility that can be done with it for live beat making (if you know what you're doing) is amazing. A couple bugs I've noticed I thought should be updated on in case you come back.

When you switch to half speed the loop appears to be stuck in half bar looping mode and breaks it.

The button combinations with the ABC and #3 button do not work.

Some ideas I'd like to see:
Holding on the the the assignment buttons and rows applies that to the whole row. This could also be used with the last button to clear the entire row.

Also holding the clear button you should be able to clear an entire section somehow. Maybe be pressing another one of the row buttons if possible.

I will try to learn max for live and understand this thing somehow so maybe I can implement these because this is such an amazing tool and has become and integral part of my music making and performance.