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About NeuroNoNeuro: Neuro... No Neuro (NNN) is a moniker of the electronic musician Kirk Markarian, an abstract music producer/synthesist, painter, and graphic designer residing in the arid desert of Tucson, Arizona.

Neuro… No Neuro has released several albums, most notably on Mille Plateaux and Audiobulb Records, and appearances on several radio stations globally, including Concertzender in Denmark (both as a guest DJ and as an artist), England, and the US, amongst other countries via radio/internet/blog. Music appears on Bleep, Boomkat, Newtone Records, and Bandcamp.
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Devices by NeuroNoNeuro

FM Mini Drum Version 1.0
FM Mini Drum Plus Filter Version 1.0
FM Mini Synth Version 1.0
Mini Filter Box Version 1.0
NNN FilterBox Stereo.adv Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,197

Comments by NeuroNoNeuro


This is an incredibly fun standalone device for making controllable, glitchy effects on whatever audio file you place into it. Very nice work!

May we have a demo, please? It's not available on this site or gumroad, currently.

Works great! Thank you for taking the time to do this :)

I am very excited to download this Device. Looking forward to seeing what types of wavetables I can create for the native Wavetable synth! Thank you for making us a device that can be used within Ableton.

@sohoedu - glad you are enjoying it!

@FreddyFingaz, happy you’re enjoying it! I’m working on one with a filter added in - also one of the Max for Live modules - is pretty nice to just include it so nothing else is needed.

Heya, a200xeaf!
The CPU was nice and low, I think around 9%, and that was with two instances of Operator and a Drum Rack in addition to 72eaf. It might have just been because my computer is from 2018. Ableton is fussy sometimes.

1 folder with about 22 samples, the samples were longer, anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 min.

1 folder with over a hundred shorter drum samples

All samples were .WAV. Maybe it was because there were Ableton's .asd files in there as well? Still, neat stuff!

Does some neat stuff to samples - I've no idea what it's doing, though (outside of the envelope and volume levels), and it does get the fan on my Mac Mini roaring hot. Cool sounds, though!

Pairing the PentaComp with the native Ableton 'Utility' and 'Limiter' in this order:

PentaComp > Utility > Limiter makes for a wonderfully clean, quick, 'mastered' sound. You'll need to adjust the settings a bit to meet your mixes requirements, and you'll need to make sure your tracks are EQ'd well. Using the Boba dynamic EQ device on each track prior to the Master channel (also wonderful) works very well.

PentaComp is not a 'corrector', but can make small, beautiful adjustments to the overall sound of your mix. Paired with the Utility/Limiter combo, it's a winner! Looking forward to v2.

This is an incredible Device. I've paired it with some tape-convolution devices and it gives me that 'sticky' and 'smooshy' tape pump sound that I love from my old recording devices, with the capability to adjust how much of it I want. Beautiful!

Never mind works now

Making a pattern in Skinnerbox Time. It has an export to MIDI clip option. This doesn't work properly. While I do get a MIDI clip, the export function pushes all the note-on messages in the pattern to the first note, and the actual pattern doesn't appear.

All notes strike on one.

Latest version of Live - 11.3.4

I'd love to try it, but this seems to be causing Ableton to crash. Tried the drag 'n drop "replace another file" method, as well as a drag 'n drop before other items, and had deleted the device I was trying to replace by the aforementioned method.

Both ways crash Ableton. It's been happening a lot with a lot of devices. Just figured I'd let you know. Ableton's being fussy.

Recently updated, now has even greater control of what gets randomized - these are some seriously great glitches that can be performed on whatever sample you toss in there. Along with that, it remembers the parameters and saves them in the song! Fantastic and useful - not just for fiddling around. To recall a glitch by pressing a key is what makes a fun Device a handy Device.

What is 'kawaii' mode?

Just wanted to say, this is an excellent reverb - subtle and adjustable in a way that doesn't make it sound like other reverbs. Just nice across the board. Also, it's very low on CPU cycles. Well done!

This is a MAGNIFICENT synth to create Autechre-style (and beyond) percussive sounds. Could be an entirely new instrument with a few changes - wish I understood Max/MSP.

Yep, doesn't work in the latest version of Ableton 11 - followed the directions on the Gumroad site, but nothing happens - no sound, no clip exported. This seems like it would be an awesome device, but can't actually test it :)