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Awesome, thanks a lot, works fine and is super useful!

Omg, my preliminary tests indicate that this device is actually solving my problem.

When I drop this to end of drum rack single pad chain, you can mute that track MIDI from entering an external instrument. So far muting a drum pad from Push mutes only audio from that pad, which doesn't help if you are using hardware drum machines.

Haven't yet tried with Push2, but at least Live UI seems to work correctly.

Seems to work great on main tracks, but I'm having a problem with drum racks and thought that this looks to be the solution. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work under drum rack - it doesn't work on drum pad if you mute single drum rack pad.

Do you think that it would be fixable on next version?

Otherwise, awesome work!

Super useful, thank you!

Any chance to make a build of edit part?! I simply cannot use max for live devices at all...

At least if you could change individual parts would be really great! Perhaps a few simple settings to change fm or modulation from Push. Sakura editor is ok, but changing individual parts takes forever with it.