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Thanks so much for this! I'll give it a shot as soon as I can and report back.


Thanks so much for responding. I love the device. I did download the audio and midi track versions. I've even set them on default midi and audio tracks ;)

Most daws record automation of the solo function but Ableton seems to think it will get in the way of using the solo for it's intended function: soloing a track during a mix.

Users have been asking for this feature since Live 1. If you make it happen, you will be a hero among a certain set of Ableton users!

Thanks for the effort. I'll be kind in turn.

This device seems almost perfect! Is there anyway to automate the track on/off parameters of audio tracks when another track is soloed? As for now, this only seems to have an effect on midi devices and the on/off information is ignored when recording from session view to arrange view. (ex. performing from session to arrange while muting tracks for drops results in only the midi tracks performances being automated into arrange. The audio tracks simply play through without any device on off information) Basically, looking for a way to automated solo button information, a major request of Ableton users for a decade!!