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About KentaroSuzuki: Technical Sound Designer
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Devices by KentaroSuzuki

Locator-Jumper Version 3.0
Particle-Reverb Version 4.0
Clip-Renamer Version 2.0
Clip-Exporter Version 2.2
LFO-Cluster Version 1.0.2
Re-Constructor Version 1.6
Freeze-Space Version 4.0
Stutter-Morf Version 2.3
LFO-PerlinD Version 3.0
LFO-Morf Version 4.1
Spliter-Samps Version 2.1
LFO-Arc Version 1.1
LFO-Thresh Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1

Comments by KentaroSuzuki


Hi, thank you for your happy words.
In my opinion, Price is based on how high-quality and original it is, not how much it sells. Actually, people who think so buy it (totally Particle-Reverb about 50 downloads). I will continue to make more high-quality update and original M4L. Thank you.

Hi gac40.
Thank you for the details. Well, it seems to be a symptom that only happens to you. And it seems that audio is not turned on in the device. It will be helpful if you send the OS and its version, its Live project to the following address for further investigation.


just uploaded a new 1.0.2.
Change key of relative operation from control to shift. Do you move properly?

Thank you for the details. You certainly have an LFO-Morf, but what keys do you hold when expanding a range with LFO-Morf? I am worried because the operation is uniform.

Thank you.

If this fix is ​​fixed, the price of the device is raised, so it won't hurt you who bought it early.

just uploaded a new 1.0.1
Is your live version 10 or later?
The line seems to get thicker if it is windows.
The color problem should be cured.
You can adjust the range one by one by dragging while holding the windows key. Hold the option key while dragging to place everything in the same position. Hold contorl while dragging to move from each position of all sliders at once. Which of the three operations has a problem?

Thank you.

I'm sorry, everyone, so I will respond urgently, so please be patient.

I released version 1.6 which made processing slightly lighter and increased density accordingly. Please check whether the version is also silent. Thank You.

Thank you, I'm happy to recommend it to people around you!!

I distributed 1.4 which added various functions now. Does the same thing happen?

@NeonBreath OK, please wait next update!!

@Neon Breath: Fixed a bug that the value of the slider slightly shifted when the LiveSession file was reopened. Thank you.

Fixed a problem that slider parameters occasionally not stored successfully in Live Session file.

I am sorry, changed to "Commercial".