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About KentaroSuzuki: sound design UI/UX DSP
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Devices by KentaroSuzuki

LFO-Morf Version 6.1
Locator-Jumper Version 3.0
Poly-127 Version 1.0
Re-Constructor Version 2.0.3
Freeze-Space Version 4.0
Clip-Renamer Version 3.0
Spliter-Samps Version 2.1
LFO-Arc Version 1.1
Clip-Exporter Version 3.0
LFO-PerlinD Version 4.0
Particle-Reverb Version 5.0
LFO-Cluster Version 3.1.2
Helisert Version 2.1

Total Downloads: 387

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But if I come up with an idea to implement Pitch Random in the future, which is cool, I might implement it. Thanks for the idea!

There are no parameters for pitch randomness, but there are several ways to achieve it 1) Assign an high-speed LFO to the Pitch amount. 2) Increase the random width of grain-size and vary the Pitch Envelope. 3) If you set Amount to 0.02 or so, it sounds like a chorus. You can use it. Try to be creative. Thanks