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I failed to mention, I can reproduce this same 'problem' with Nepheton.

Hi, really liking your devices. However, I have a problem with compression and I don't know if it's whether because of the routing or because the VST.

When I am sidechaining for instance the closed hihats to another channel which only has a 4/4 kick going, I can only hear the compression do its part when I solo the hihat channel. But when I have all the channels of Drumazon playing in the Drum Rack, I don't hear the sidechain compression.

Maybe you can help me out with this one? And also, is it a limitation that you can not really undo movements made within the Max Devices? Like for instance, when I make the decay 127 instead of 64 and press Ctrl-Z, the value won't jump back to 64, but to something like 125 and so on until after 1000 clicks it finally reaches back to 64.