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Exactly what I needed! Neat, simple, EFFECTIVE! Thanks. bro!

Hello, Diego! Great Device! Matches exactly with my idea of controlling desired parameter. I'm using it to trigger the intensity of the lights.
Works fine! But here is one thing that I need your help with... Please, see the video
The channel PARS, that midi-data is transmitted from, eventually has two modes:
1) midi notes, when midi-generating device is off
2) sound-reactive mode, firing submasters
But when i switch FROM the clip with device ON mode - It leaves the channel, that it was firing - right where it was at the moment this switch happened. Nothing wrong with that behaviour, I guess, that's how it supposed to be until nothing else is commanded...
So I need to have the command, resetting certain submaster level back to OFF, so it does not leave the light on...
Dear Diego, could you, please, help me with this implementation?
Thank You, Merry Christmas!