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hey man !!
tnx for the amazing updates . im using this device always ...
simply one of the best devices out there for live jamming artists..
i really really cant wait for the REPLACE MODE update . when it will be release ?
by the way , Please make an "clip" button that send the existing sequence to new clip in ableton . :-)

tnx again :-)

hey using ableton 11
its great idea... i love the arturia seq...
but i cant get midi out of this device...
i cant record and play...
is it version problem ?...or maybe i dont know how to use..
can u make a a tutorial clip ?

man...its amazing stuff...i really enjoy it.
i came from hardware sequencer ...good job.
anyway im kind a new here.
in addition to overdub will be also good that u can add midi replace mode (overwrite).
like on korg emx1 or arturia keystep...for example when have a simple sequence running and u r on the overwrite mode and record , only when u play keys it will replace the notes in the same position that already was in the sequence.
it gives u rythmic fill to play...think about that.
anyway do u think it possible to do ?
tnx a lot man , peace !