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About Hacktive: I`m a music student in Music and Artistic Technologies at UNAM University, in Morelia, Mexico. Hacktive its an independent project that study the development of hardware and software, focusing in the creation of artistic digital tools from a DIY perspective.
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Devices by Hacktive

Note Mirror and Multi Note Mirror Version 1.0
0-SEQ Version 1.0
Randomizer Version 1.0
SIMPLE polyFM Version 2.0
Rockssillator Version 1.0
Random Notes Version 0.2
Randomizer 2021 Version 2.1
Arprobab Version 1.0
Bouncing Nodes Version 1.0
CHORDinates Version 1.2
Transient Detector Version 0.7
TB 303 Tribute Version 2.3
Karplus Strong Poly Version 1.0
M185 SEQUENCER Version 2.1
FM-2-Audio Version 1.0
algoBEAT Version 1.0
algoBEAT Version 1.2

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Comments by Hacktive


Thanks! Enjoy!

Not working for me... Missing all the UI. Try to Freeze it!

Aaaaaay perrillo rifado!! tas cabrón mijo! (very cool device, nice work!)