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Hey Rosko, thanks for the feedback. I will look into the problems you mentioned.

However, I do not understand the following point: "There is no way to randomly input values".

Stepic has dice functions in each section for random value entry. Or do you mean something else?

If you want to discuss your points in more detail, feel free to visit me on Discord.

A new video showing Stepic in action:

Jens / Devicemeister

Hi arnou,

appreciated your visit on Discord, yesterday. Very nice & interesting conversation!
Although we sorted out your points, i'll also give feedback here, because it might interest others as well.

Duration: Duration in Stepic goes from 0 to 100 (%) and only affects the length of the played note while the length of the step remains the note length the sequencer is currently running at. And if you connect a step via step connect feature, it will add 100 (%) duration to to the note duration of its previous step.

Step-Swing: the step-based swing feature is basically a note-offset, that shifts back the time, when the note will be played within its step.

Automation fader option: I already started to implement an alternative fader option for the automation/modulation area. Should be available within the next weeks.

Range: Currently, there is an option to set up the range of the random generator for octave, duration, velocity, step-swing and divider. The actual ranges / travel ways of the value faders will remain the same (e.g. 0 to 100 for duration).

Hope, this clears things up.
Jens / Devicemeister

Hey arno,

thanks for your feedback. Some points you made are not 100% clear, what you exactly mean (especially the parts regarding duration). If you find the time, visit me on my Discord server (link in desciption) and we can discuss these points in detail. But let me anser the points I already understood:

3. you are making a good point here. Tied/Connected steps should be treated as single units during random step play order. I add this request to the feature list for upcoming releases.

4. I already have plans to optimize the note input for chord notes. I think, it will be available in Jan./Feb. 2021.

6. This feature already exists. Activate the yellow 'hold' toggle button in the top area to disable/pause automatic pattern changes.

Jens / Devicemeister

In this short demonstration Stepic plays and controls Vital synthesizer plugin by Vital Audio. The device chain only consists of Stepic and Vital. No additional stuff used (except the beat loop). Stepic plays the note sequence and modulates the following parameters with its 8 independent modulation sequencers of Vital:
1. Oscillator 1 Spectral Morph
2. Oscillator 1 Wave Morph
3. Filter 1 Cutoff
4. Filter 1 Resonance
5. Delay Mix
6. Delay Sync Left
7. Delay Sync Right
8. Distortion Filter Cutoff

Jens / Devicemeister

Hi 8fold,
you can only map parameters, while Live's transport is stopped. I saw, you joined our Discord yesterday. Feel free to contact me there if you have further questions. I will help you.
Jens / Devicemeister