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D16 Drumazon - Drum Rack for Push Version 1.0
D16 Nepheton - Drum Rack for Push Version 1.0
Sonic Charge Microtonic - Drum Rack for Push Version 1.2

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ok you loaded the Drum Rack and you can see the M4L Patches inside each cell. Can you see the "Level", "Decay" etc. parameters on the Push Display?

When yes then there must be something wrong with the imported Midi Mapping. Please go into About/Options and in the last Tab you can import the "Drum Rack Default.npccmap". Make shure that it display "CC1 Bass Drum Level", "CC2 Bass Drum Tone" and so on. I didn´t use the Drum Map Tab!

I hope it will work, please tell it to me! :)

Thanks for your words. Another problem is that every paramter change will flood the undo history. I know why but i don´t have the knowledge to fix it atm. Im working on it :D

Edit: I should use the live.remote~ instead of the live.object ^^

Yeah, i know about this CTRL + Z problem but i don´t know how to fix it. Someone told me that i have too use the live.object model. I have no experience with the live.object but i will try to fix it.

Hmmm, i made a few mistakes so i uploaded a new version of my Drum Rack. But i think i split one device into four for quicker access.

I´m glad you like it! I changed the description where you can find the links to Nepheton and Microtonic. :D