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I have used this system a bunch now. A complete modular system is any input to any output. Anything that can be manipulated can be controlled with voltage. This is not like that. Many parameters can only be moved using a mouse. You cannot control them with your supplied LFO. Also need to be able to have feedback between modules!

Sorry to be a hard nose! But, when you said completely modular that's not the case!

Looking forward to your developments though and this looks promising for sure.

Yes!! Ok!! Works now!

Hi. I tried it again and I cannot load a folder full of wav. files after dropping it into places. The folder does not show up. It gives a plus sign when moving into it, but does not show up.. I'm using Max 7.0.1 on 9.1.7 Live.

Hi. This device is great. I would love a full version of it. Would be nice to drag and drop a folder into it as well. Unless you can already do that? Nice work!