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About Borispartys: The beginning of my passion for electronic music has been influenced by the early 90's music culture and was supported by friends with their sophisticated music affinity. I have been on my musical path since a young age. Born to a father who loved to play the organ and trumpet, I was surrounded by not only these instruments. Early organ lectures influenced my love to keys. I've passed my first vocational training in a music store in the early 90's due to my knowledge of keyboards and the passion to play them. During that time computer sequencers and midi integration came to my awareness and I've purchased my first 16 step sequencer keyboard a Yamaha SQ16. Parallel, in my very young age, electronic music was getting more popular and thus I was being infused with an infallible sense of unconventional rhythm at an early stage of my life. I've spent a lot of time in Stuttgart and listened some of todays most influencing DJ's in the electronic music scene. Sven Väth, Dr. Motte, Oliver Bondzio, Chris Maico Schmidt, Robert Babicz, Tanith, Commander Tom, Andy Trex, Marco Zaffarano just to name a few. First investments have been taken to produce own tunes and vinyls but the project has been canceled due to my second careers course. With a new pathway, I've decided to invest in an engineering degree rather than into music. Time passed, the electronic scene changed from vinyl to digital and I've perceived balance for my decision. Nevertheless, I started to live my dream as a hobby as I love to do sound design and to play my keys. Today, still addicted to subtle melodies, breaks and tunes, I like spending time in my music lab for making you and people happy if they will listen my whispered tunes and rhythms.
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