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Hi, Fabrizio!

I'm working on a studio production template for Ableton Live. The main goal is to maximize creative output by automating as many of the tedious & time consuming aspects of production as possible, so that the user can spend less time clicking and dragging, and more time grooving and jamming. I think your J74 HarmoTools device would be a great addition to the template, and with your permission, I'd like to include it. I would, of course, leave all of your branding in place, credit you in the tutorial videos and instruction manuals, and plug whatever website/app/social media you'd like me to promote on your behalf.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi there! I'm working on an Ableton Live studio template for film scoring & audio engineering, and I'd like to include this device. I would give you full credit in the tutorial videos and documentation, and would be happy to plug whatever website or social media link you'd like. Would that be OK with you?

Hello again, @11olsen! I love the new updates!
Just wanted to make sure I still have your permission to include this device in a special "Ableton Live Suite Only" edition of my production template, which I intend to release sometime in the next month or two. Hope you're doing well!

This version is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to make these improvements!

Awesome! I'm looking forward to checking it out!

Quick question for ya: I design free Ableton Live production templates specifically for my students to help them quickly overcome the overwhelming inertia of having to start a project with a totally blank slate, and to help them get into the good habits that make producing tracks a lot easier -- Would you be all right with me including your device in one of the more advanced level templates I give my students (giving you credit in the plugin itself and in the lesson material, of course)? Just since I started using it in my own template, I've seen a drastic increase in session productivity because it keeps me from getting stuck in loops, and I'd love to pass that helpful tool and technique along!

Cheers! :-)

I'm on a Mac-based system running legit Live 9.1.2 64-bit with Max4Live 6.1.6.

Sometimes, it seems to save the settings as I left them, and other times, it reverts. I can't seem to make heads or tails of it. There's a little "Reminder.settings" file that gets put in the same directory with the imported plugin, and when I open that in an ASCII editor, I see that the changes I've made are present in the file... But for some strange reason, the default settings keep popping back up to taunt me every so often when I open the project containing the device from an empty Live session.

Do you think it could have something to do with the location where I store my Max4Live devices?

I think I may have figured out a workaround. I can change the values, and then just save the device as a new Max4Live device with a different name in my library, and just load that version instead. It would of course be cool to have the ability to change the default message and timing built into the device, but if it looks like too much of a hassle to implement, I'm content with the workaround method. Thanks for the prompt reply!

Hey, I love this device for reminding me to switch tasks (to keep from getting stuck in a sound design > EQ > arrangement loop). I'd like to change the default message and timer value so that whenever I save this object in my production template, it always loads up with the message "Time to switch tasks!" every 25 minutes. I've been digging around inside the Max device for a while, but can't seem to find where those default values are stored, so I can change them. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!