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Update: I've noted a bug. Triggering the hold pedal will reset other midi CC messages to 0 or 127. I'll patch this in the next update.

Hi @Funkatronics,

Just tried to make a Live Set for you but I was unable to reproduce the error. Everything seems to be running perfectly now. Must have been something to do with my version of Live as that's the only thing I have changed (I'm now running 10.1.14). Unfortunately, I did not give the subversion number last time so unsure which version might have been causing the issue so sorry about that.

Thanks again!

Hey this is absolutely awesome!

Having one issue where I can only get sound if playback is enabled (i.e. playing through the live sets time line)? No sounds if the track is armed but no playback taking place. Is there some dependancy on playback time units?

Great device.

Same for mid/side too actually.

Hey, great device! I use it for gain staging.

Noticed a possible bug though. When extending the plugin to split the left and right channels it seems like the right channel is giving an incorrect reading when viewing from the rack. However, it gives the correct reading when you open the plugin itself... Here's an example. Using version vu-meter 1.0.1 with Live 10.1 on MacOS 10.14.5.