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Hey Guys

is that thing working for you?
in my case it show triggersignal but it doesnt duck the track.
if i use it behind a kick and let the clip play it - no ducking - when i press the little playbutton for the kicks pad by mouse it ducks..

So am iusing it the wrong way or is the device not working?

Id lov to see this one run!

Hey Steve

I downloaded Your Sidechain Devices, they dont work.. in my try

For Example

I put up a DrumRack
put the sender behind the Kick
put the receiver to the desired track
both asignd to same channel

no ducking taking place
I trgger my Kick by mouse pushing the little play-button of the kicks pad, it IS duckin!?!

This seems to be the only way the let the sidechain work, as i understand the workprinciple

I can load it into any instrument with live or recorded midi it shows beeing triggerd but again no ducking.

So beautifull Idea!! Fix it if You Can. PEACE