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ResRand MultiBP Filter Version 1.0
Instant Sampler Version 1.0
Routing MIDI to Max Audio Effect Version 1.0
SimpleMicSynth Version 1.0
SimplePolyFM Version 1.0

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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your appreciation!

Hi Rob! Sorry for the late respond, but does not inform me if anyone leaves a message here. You can write me through the contact form of my website which is displayed on my profile or otherwise -

So, let's see:

1. Get sound on the input
2. Record a buffer
3. Press "sel" - in order to select the buffer you just recorded (it should become yellow as it is on the image)
4. Set "gain" , "pan"
5. Check the dots in the output matrix ( lower right) otherwise you will get no sound output.
6. Move a slider in order to play your buffer

If you want to play from a MIDI keyboard have it connected and open the Routing MIDI to Max Audio Effect Version 1.0 on a MIDI track in Ableton. It should send the MIDI messages to the sampler. Middle C is your original sound.

Good luck!

Thanks for downloading it and thanks for asking! Since the site allows me to upload only a single device, I uploaded the MIDI routing patch as a separate device. You can use it with both Audio plugins.