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Hi! usefull device!
however it needs updating to Ableton Live 11 (as shown on message from Live when operating it).

And most importantly: It does not apply Legato to the last midi note on the Clip :(
any chance to make an amendment?
Much appreciated!

Dude.. your a genius- You saved my ass!! came here cause I had the same problem on your post "Midi-Loop of Death", I was using the TR-8s Editor Controller from Momo. Huge pain in the ass with the feedback looping. completely unresolvable !
Thank you so much for posting this and uploading this device. I salute you!

I found a device called Outist/Insist which does the same as Audio Sender and works perfectly with FX Racks.
It works when reloading project and pasting from one track to the other.
It is PERFECT :)

This makes me think its a bug in the Cycling 74 version.

The same issue exists when Copying one instance of an fx rack with sender into other tracks.

I am creating and audio fx rack on a track, inserting audio senders into chains, and mapping those to macros so I can use it as a live performance Send/Insert control.(mapping also the thru volume)

However, the Senders do not load properly when re-opening the project.
There is no signal when sending...
you have to remove the devices from the rack to get them to work, then reinsert it them the rack and re-map everything.
Doing this for 40 tracks every time I open a Live set is totally impractical.

PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE fix this issue, it would truly revolutionise my live set performance.
But as it is ... unfortunately unusable.

If I don't use instrument fx rack, I the serial nature of the audio transmission means you can't have thru in paralel and affect the different senders.
The Audio Senders different gains do not appear properly on Push either, si its impossible to automate them on the fly without a rack.

I IMPLORE you, please update with a fix!