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I love this!
Thank you for making and sharing it! Looking forward to what you'll make in the future!

*a200xeaf (why is there no edit button?)

hey a200xef :)
you were correct! 7zip shows everything as intended, awesome!
thank you!
and it all works, even the non lite version on my windows! :)
great device!!
(I don't have twitter i hope you'll see this message eventually.)

thanks for sharing
sadly i don't see any amxd files in the zip neither here nor on gumroad :(

would love to see a version of this that works on windows, please

is it possible?

AWESOME!!! dropdowns work now and it's really really cool!

thank you for fixing it!

there is some weird behavior when saving the live set - if i save and open, the sample i dropped in the sample area is cut shorter than the sample was originally loaded, it's like the maximum lenght it can remember is 790 ms and if I record a carrier into the sample section it disappears after saving and opening the live set, it does not save the recorded sample.
also the amp envelope sometimes (or, maybe most of the time) sets itself to shortest decay and 0 sustain when saving and reloading.

oh and for reference, this is what i mean by "missing dropdowns":

hey ttimonen
this looks really cool, sadly it does not work on my end, the dropdowns don't show up as if they were deleted. here are the error messages in max console:

I'm on windows 10 and ableton 11 with max 8.5.5

thanks for sharing your device, i hope i can try out a new version soon,
happy holidays to you!

sounds great by the description! sadly i can confirm something is wrong, here is a screenshot of the error messages, i hope this can help:

Works perfectly now, thank you!

hello alchemical9

i'm trying to check out your device but it doesn't show the tap time and the tap slope controls and when i open it in max for live the console shows the following error messages: