By default, only files ending in .amxd can be posted to However, it is possible to request special access to post both .alp (the Ableton Live pack) and .zip files for your devices so long as you follow these rules:

  1. zip and alp files must be under 10 megs in size
  2. zip and alp files may only contain .amxd files, .adv files (the Ableton preset file), .txt files (like a readme.txt), and .pdf
  3. At a minimum, a zip or alp must contain at least one .amxd file
  4. zip and alp files posted to must not be encrypted or password protected
  5. There is no need to include images, javascript files, subpatchers or externals that are included if you just use the "freeze device" function in Max for Live. has a goal of making it easy for new users to use the devices you find on this site. Freeze your work so they don't have to understand how to deal with externals that can be included in a single .amxd
  6. If you have a need to include someting in a zip that violates any of the above terms, simply host the zip file elsewhere and use the "reference" feature of to include it in the library.

To request access to post zip or alp, simply email and include:

  1. Your username.
  2. Reason for needing zip/alp access. Example "My device is made up of two .amxd devices that only make sense together" or "I want to include presets"
  3. If possible, attach an example zip or alp file you'd like to post.
  4. Note this is a one time request. If granted, you will be able to post zip or alp at any time without asking for access again.