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Reason 1.0 by Xanakov
0 Comments effect
❮preview : instagram.com/xanakovcryptostella❯ ❮name : reason❯ _ ❮description : resonant bandpass filter❯ _ ❮process : filter > gain > dry/wet❯ _ ❮interface : focus/slope to filter >... (more info)

Live Scale v2.1 1.0 by kantereit
0 Comments lfo, effect, utility, glitch, other, m4lhackevent
Video: https://youtu.be/G0rzhzhKWVg This device allow you to make your own scale without clicking, just by pressing key. Also it can work with stream of notes. For example if you play on piano and ho... (more info)

EkoReta 1.0 by kham03
121 downloads, 2 Comments effect
EkoReta is a midi delay generator whose duration is not fixed but depends on the duration of the played note. voice = polyphony Assignable parameters : Pause = space between each repetition. Dur% = p... (more info)

Atlas 1.0 by Xanakov
0 Comments effect
❮preview : instagram.com/xanakovcryptostella❯ ❮name : atlas❯ _ ❮description : distortion filter❯ _ ❮process : filter > overdrive > square root > dry/wet❯ _ ❮interface : drive/root t... (more info)

Shaper 1.0 by Xanakov
0 Comments effect
❮preview : instagram.com/xanakovcryptostella❯ ❮name : shaper❯ _ ❮description : distortion filter❯ _ ❮process : filter > phasor > sine > dry/wet❯ _ ❮interface : phase/delta to distor... (more info)

Ultra 1.0 by Xanakov
0 Comments effect
❮preview : instagram.com/xanakovcryptostella❯ ❮name : ultra❯ _ ❮description : distortion filter❯ _ ❮process : filter > overdrive > sawtooth > dry/wet❯ _ ❮interface : drive/delta to ... (more info)

Strange Attractor Synth 1.0 by tmhglnd
1 Comments synth, lfo, effect, other, push
This patch uses the xyz coordinates of a Strange Attractor chaotic system to modulate parameters from an FM synthesizer with resonant lowpass filter and flanger effects. Various different Strange Attr... (more info)

Stereo Stretch Delay 1.0 by stev
1 Comments sampler, effect, glitch, other, push
The Stereo Stretch Delay automatically delays, stretches and stutters incoming audio with two independent granular time stretchers. Feed the stretched audio back into itself to continuously re-stretch... (more info)

Kero Voice 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, beta
Extreme Autotune Effect for Voice !!! Demo Movie. https://youtu.be/VhYB2ACwd3Q Other M4L Plugins https://gumroad.com/akihiko_matsumoto SPOTIFY - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1tZMmxzZbvNu6klyKXa0L... (more info)

WurrmGen 1.0 by Wurrm
0 Comments effect, other
WurrmGen is a simple MIDI device for creating generative music through randomisation. Generates note information based on the input it receives. Create complex networks of linked instances. (more info)

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