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DIFF Devices - ASPECT 3 1.0 by DiffDevices
0 Comments effect, other, dj, beta
ASPECT 3 enables you to compare your mix to other mixes with a simple click of the A-B button inside Ableton Live. It is designed to provide you with an easy, elegant workflow. From drag and drop fil... (more info)

DL Waveshaper 1.0 by Edd
3 Comments lfo, effect, glitch, other
DL_Waveshaper is a minimal yet very powerful resonant waveshaper distortion unit. It allows to distort the incoming signal using a simple table look-up distortion engine based on 12 different wave-ta... (more info)

Pianerb 1.0 by WalrusFlower
3 Comments effect
Pianerb is a max4live designed and built by Aval. The idea behind it was to have a realistic and usable piano soundboard that can be adjusted as desired thanks to the few but very useful controls ava... (more info)

Heterodyne Filter 1.0 by grahamf
133 downloads, 2 Comments effect, glitch, other
A switched capacitor filter is a type of analog/digital filter that works by switching between two capacitors at a high rate of speed. The ratio between the two capacitors and the rate of the switch d... (more info)

Degrees-Autotune 1.1 by SebastienClara
205 downloads, 2 Comments effect
Degrees is a family of three devices dedicated to harmonic and melodic creation. In music, a degree is the place of a pitch in a musical scale. From this position, devices of this family determine th... (more info)

ml.Distance doppler 1.0 by alkman
282 downloads, 2 Comments effect, utility
Alternative graphical interface for Robert Henke's ml.Distance but with a twist. There is a doppler simulation built-in and panning is interpolated for avoiding clicks in the sound. The "pitch" parame... (more info)

DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3.1 by DiffDevices
3 Comments effect, utility, dj, beta
DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3 SPECTR 3 is a MaxForLive device that give you total control of Ableton Live. 3.1 Release notes - (New) Get Color track for clips - Duplicate Loop (Midi Clips) - Bug Fixes F... (more info)

DIFF Devices - BLEND 1.0 by DiffDevices
2 Comments effect, utility, dj, beta
DIFF Devices - BLEND BLEND is a MaxForLive device that creates the “Sidechain” effect. Sidechain compression is used to rhythmically change the volume of audio channels to provide space and defin... (more info)

blkbx 1.0 by tunnelsurf
2 Comments effect, other
blkbx- is an audiofx It will stereo distort, filter and sum to a crushingbeautiful output. You can get pretty interesting results with this depending on sample and tweaking. I hope you enjoy it. ex... (more info)

Shape Delay 1.1 by composingcap
163 downloads, 3 Comments effect
Shape delay generates a multitap delay based on a timeframe, number of delays, and a function shape. The delays are spaced from each other based on their relationship to the user defined curve. This i... (more info)

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