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856 1.0 by oldtoy
168 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch
Based on the "856 for Zellersasn" guitar pedal, this device allows you to manipulate your audio input in various ways. It can be a repeater, a pitchshifter, a randomizer, an arpeggiator etc... It uses... (more info)

M4L Tools v1 1.0 by IMPULSOUND
2 Comments effect, utility, other
Here are 5 tools you cant live without: 1. Haze Delay Simply a must have. 2. BPM Sync Very helpful and safes a lot of time. 3. MICRO Rider The perfect volume rider for mastering or Mixing, pro`s kn... (more info)

Factoid 1.0 by jjburred
2 Comments effect, glitch, other
Factoid is a Max For Live device that allows you to create endless rhythmical variations of audio clips. It uses machine learning to decompose a sound into a set of layers that are randomly shifted in... (more info)

Vapor 1.0 by DimitriAatos
319 downloads, 1 Comments sampler, effect
A granular looper with live input and individual controls for the loop frequency of each grain. (more info)

Automatic Quantization Changer 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
The Automatic Quantization Changer does one simple thing and does it really well: Automatically changes Ableton quantization settings (both recording and global) based on which track is selected. The ... (more info)

Dial to MIDI CC 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments synth, lfo, effect, utility, other
Nick Hyde's Dial to MIDI CC device is very straightforward. Simply specify a MIDI CC channel, and turn a dial to generate MIDI CC data. MIDI CC data is part of the MIDI languate that allows synths t... (more info)

Harry Sequential Max Sequencer 1.0 by hcard
147 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sampler, sequencer, effect, glitch, other, beta
This is a simple two-tier 32-step sequencer, with the ability to pan both 16-step sequencers independently and control the rate at which they alternate in stereo. Simply drag and drop your chosen samp... (more info)

241 downloads, 0 Comments effect, glitch
GLITCH GENERATOR is a M4L device built solely to scramble audio without having any real control over when it happens. It is a 400 milisecond delay which is so short it sounds glitchy - perfect for IDM... (more info)

J74 SliceShuffler 1.0 by fabriziopoce
2 Comments sampler, sequencer, effect
J74 SliceShuffler is an audio slice sequencer. Operating as an audio effect for Ableton Live (Max for Live), the plug-in works by buffering incoming audio and allows you free slice resequencing and ma... (more info)

jugbeat 1.2.2 by Empytree
270 downloads, 7 Comments sampler, effect, glitch, dj, beta
jugbeat is a free looper device, which is built around the idea of beat manipulating you might have seen in mlr and similar programs. Following the beat and tempo of your Ableton song, it constantly r... (more info)

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