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AntiDrone 1.0 by skinnerbox
529 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
AntiDrone is essentially a midi to cv device calibrated for the buchla 258 oscillators in EMS (studio 3) you will need a MOTU audio interface in order to use it, the left channel is outputs CV whereas... (more info)

STING by SKINNERBOX 1.0 by skinnerbox
9869 downloads, 7 Comments sequencer, utility, other
the classic acid pattern generator that we released back in 2013 is online again. click the eyes on the smiley face for a new pattern, and use the other controls to sculpt the results. demo video here... (more info)

cv4live by skinnerbox 1.0 by skinnerbox
2182 downloads, 3 Comments lfo, utility, other, hardware
CV4Live lets you control any Live parameter by translating an incoming audio signal into control information, while Clock4Live allows you to use analog clocks and triggers with Live. Use Live as an ex... (more info)

CURVE by SKINNERBOX 1.0 by skinnerbox
2836 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other, hardware
CURVE by SKINNERBOX is a follow up device to our workshop during ableton loop 2016. simply map a midi controller to "MIDI IN" and use the mapping controls to map the incoming signal to any parameter w... (more info)

Trigger Tailor 1.0 by skinnerbox
905 downloads, 0 Comments drum, utility, hardware
a simple yet super useful device - generate variable length (in samples) trigger signal from incoming midi notes and use it to trigger/sync your hardware! no more fiddling around with 707 rimshot samp... (more info)

Salami Division 1.06 by skinnerbox
4335 downloads, 26 Comments sampler, sequencer, utility, dj, push
**UPDATE** version 1.06, added latency settings, go up with the number incase you encounter inconsistencies with the playback (happens if you play your files from a slower drive) you can then compe... (more info)

Time And Timbre 2.0 by skinnerbox
2 Comments synth, drum, lfo, sequencer, utility, other, push
Time & Timbre v2.0 is here! Here’s a rundown of Time & Timbre’s features: Time is great for complex polyrhythms, subtle rhythmic variations and adding a unique swing to drums. For each of its si... (more info)

sbx mono lancet thang 1.0 by skinnerbox
429 downloads, 1 Comments utility, hardware
control panel for the vermona mono lancet synth also includes a simple lfo for the pwm. (more info)

sbx 2049 1.0 by skinnerbox
9617 downloads, 12 Comments synth, drum, sequencer, other
the sbx 2049 fm based drum machine, officially released by ableton. download directly from ableton website watch the demo video here: (more info) 1.0 by skinnerbox
542 downloads, 2 Comments synth, utility, other
receives 14bit pitch bend automation/data and sends cv to control the VCA/VCF of the JUPITER 6. will probably work with other synths as well. will work only with soundcards that has DC-coupled outputs... (more info)

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