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Multimapper32MIDI 3.0 by mothergarage
9 Comments utility, push
An evolution of the built in macro functionality of Ableton Live. Four macro banks of 8 macros. You can map the macros to any MIDI mappable parameter in Live, even if it is not on the same track as t... (more info)

Track2ProgramChange 1.0 by mothergarage
355 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
This was requested on the Ableton forums for a Softstep 2. This device follows the selected track and sends a program change with the track number to a connected device. Put this on a MIDI track and... (more info)

RandomSetGo 1.1 by mothergarage
0 Comments utility, push
This MaxforLive device lets you randomize tempo, time signature, scale and root note of your set. The latter two for now only work with Push and Ableton Live 10.1! Put this in your default template (... (more info)

Selected Track 1.3.1 by mothergarage
2 Comments utility
Displays the channel strip of the currently selected track in a floating window. Map its parameters to a controller. V1.1: Added buttons for Arm, Previous and Next Track. Added Indicator if the sele... (more info)

Buffalo 1.0.1 by mothergarage
0 Comments effect
A live loop manipulator for Ableton Live. Loop incoming audio or drag an audio-file into the device. Change playback speed and direction, pitch and formant. Resize the loop, crop it and normalize it... (more info)

m4r Combinator 1.0 by mothergarage
166 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Another MIDI device for Propellerhead Reason rewired to Ableton Live. (more info)

m4r Subtractor 1.0 by mothergarage
330 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A m4l MIDI device I did some time ago, but never really finished. It's basically a frontend for Propellerhead Reason and specifically the Subtractor device. It mimics Subtractor's layout, all paramet... (more info)

Tap Dance 1.2 by mothergarage
826 downloads, 1 Comments effect
Multitap delay with eight taps. Set the delay time with the first tap. Every consecutive tap depends on the one before. Settings for volume, filter-frequency, -gain, -resonance, -type, panorama and tr... (more info)

MultiTapper 1.8 by mothergarage
932 downloads, 9 Comments effect, push
A simple multi tap stereo delay with filter for every stereo tap. Drive and feedback controls. V1.1: Bugfixes. Added dry/wet control V1.3: Bugfixes. UI update. Added a routing switch for the feedbac... (more info)

MicroTonicMaxed 1.1 by mothergarage
4 Comments utility, push
Yet another m4l device for Sonic Charges MicroTonic. This one tries to replicate the UI of the original device. It provides randomization and it can save a bunch of presets. Included in the dowload ... (more info)

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