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ck.fourier 1.0 by kleine
2453 downloads, 1 Comments effect
Here's a M4L adaption of the wonderful fourier filter from (more info)

xmas - max5 version.amxd 1.0 by kleine
362 downloads, 0 Comments other
xmas amxd mrry xms! (more info)

xmas - max6 version.amxd 1.0 by kleine
337 downloads, 0 Comments other
Some xmas amxd. Might not work on PC's and does not like 44.1 kHz Samplerate under OS X 10.8. .... (more info)

CC-PrgChange-Filter.amxd 1.0 by kleine
348 downloads, 0 Comments utility
as the title says (more info) 1.0 by kleine
1241 downloads, 0 Comments synth
a version of the infamous flying saucer fm synth with kind permission of Paul Hertz. A bit older but still nice for 50s sci-fi sounds. And don't we all love 50s sci-fi sounds??? If not yet, start with... (more info)

kleine synth 1.0 by kleine
1570 downloads, 1 Comments synth
portable synth. v.1 (more info)

ck.acid 1.3 by kleine
14563 downloads, 10 Comments synth, sequencer
In computer science, ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) is a set of properties that guarantee database transactions are processed reliably. In music, Acid house's core electronic sq... (more info)

ck.hit2 1.0 by kleine
2 Comments drum
a matrix drummachine with accent, random percussion, random steps, variable step and grid (=column) length.... (more info)

ck.m4l pack 2 1.0 by kleine
7 Comments effect
5 new devices - ck. analogdelay - ck.spectral - ck.tshift - ck.stranger - ck.freezetime (more info)

ck.altostratus 1.0 by kleine
1244 downloads, 4 Comments synth
ghastly ghostly tones around ~blotar -> (more info)

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