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Push Color Picker 1.1 by Because789
1425 downloads, 2 Comments push
This device makes it possible to set the colors of clips and scenes from Push. Just load the device to a random place in your set and the following button combinations are available (only in Session m... (more info)

Push Midi Clip Transposer 1.1 by Because789
1282 downloads, 3 Comments push
A little device for Push to transpose the currently playing MIDI clip in the track the device is on with the following button combinations (only in Note Mode): - Select + Up Arrow = + Octave - Select... (more info)

Delete Clips 1.0 by Because789
556 downloads, 1 Comments utility
A simple utility to quickly delete multiple clips at once. Features: - delete all clips on the track the device is on ("This Track") - delete all clips on the "Selected Track" - delete all clips on t... (more info)

Safe Push Performance 1.2 by Because789
1666 downloads, 8 Comments hardware, push
This device allows you to disable potentially dangerous or useless buttons on Push during a live performance. Set up: - load the device to a hidden place in your set (initially all buttons are enabl... (more info)

Scene Transposer 1.0 by Because789
1675 downloads, 4 Comments utility, other
This device allows you to transpose every clip in the selected scene by semitones. Features: - Transpose clips in the SELECTED scene. - You can choose if you want to transpose only midi clips (M),... (more info)

Transpose MMC 1.0 by Because789
690 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
Transpose multiple MIDI clips at once destructively, which means that the notes in the clips themself are moved to the new pitch. Usage: - Load the device to the MIDI track with the clips you want to... (more info)

MultiMap TS 1.1 by Because789
3761 downloads, 9 Comments effect, utility, other
With this little edit of the MultiMap device only parameters on the selected track are affected when you turn the Input knob. This means you can use one knob to control different parameters while you'... (more info)

Automation Gate 1.0 by Because789
963 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, utility, glitch, other
A gate for your automations, opened by a MIDI on message and closed by the MIDI off message. Usage: 1. link a parameter to the according knob of the device by first clicking on "Link" and then on the... (more info)

Parameter Masher 1.3 by Because789
2653 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, utility, other, hardware, push
Send 64 fixed values to 8 possible parameters by one of three triggering modes (two different momentary ones). The device was made for Ableton Push but you can use your standard MIDI controller. Feat... (more info)

8 Knob Sequencer 2.3 by Because789
3757 downloads, 8 Comments sequencer, utility, other
A little sequencer to create odd midi patterns by twisting 8 knobs. It uses the Euclidean/Bjorklund algorithm to get interesting results. (There are actually 7 knobs and 1 button, but since i map the... (more info)

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