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XBOX Map 1.0 by CrashOnCross
771 downloads, 11 Comments utility, hardware
Another gamepad controller mapper. I made this because I was excited by the idea of controlling sounds with my gamepad, but none of the available m4l devices worked correctly with my third-party Xbox... (more info)

Sustain Mute Tracks 1.0 by veedjee
201 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Rudimentary device to mute/demute a track with a sustain pedal. (more info)

Tracks Utility 1.0 by veedjee
680 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Use "Tracks Utility" to automatise actions like Arm, Mute, Solo, Monitor and control for global quantification and metronome. Check my others Device : (more info)

Freebox Gamepad Control 1.0 by veedjee
679 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
Ce device permet de controler la manette normalement inclue dans votre pack freebox ADSL et d'y affecter des controles dans Live. Le mode "Analog" doit etre actif sur la manette. Attention, je posse... (more info)

Vestax PMC 05 pro IV Encoders Control 1.0 by veedjee
172 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
This allow you to assign anything in Live to the encoders of the Vestax PMC 05 pro IV. Shift options when you push and turn the encoder at the same time. Choose the resolution of the encoder when yo... (more info)

Crossfader Control 1.1 by veedjee
680 downloads, 9 Comments utility
This is a small utility to control the Live's crossfader with one mappable button. You can choose the the crossfade time. If you use it, rate it, Thanks !! Check my others Device : http://www.maxfo... (more info)

Waldorf Q map8 1.0 by veedjee
381 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
This device is a M4L bidirectionnal interface to control your Waldorf Q directly in Ableton Live. It features feedback on the M4L device when you change the parameters on your Waldorf Q giving you th... (more info)

Relative Sounds and Tempo Calculator 1.4 by veedjee
646 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj
This is a simple utility to calculate the number of sounds per second depending the tempo in BPM or vice-versa Useful for all crazy nerdz scratchers who want to know the speed of their executions tri... (more info)

Vestax PDX Control 1.0 by veedjee
287 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, dj
Vestax PDX Control Control your Vestax PDX pitch directly in Live !!! Built for Hardcore Nerdz Scratch people. - Allow to sync the turntable pitch depending the Live's tempo for use with Skip-Proo... (more info)

Note transpose depending CC value 1.0 by veedjee
494 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
Note transpose depending CC is an utility who allow to transpose an incoming MIDI note depending a CC value. eg, usefull for V-drum when you hit hi-hat and control the foot pedal at the same time. Q... (more info)

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