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Zaps Session Recording Tools 1.0 by MasterZap
250 downloads, 4 Comments utility, dj
This tool solves a few missing features in Ableton Live that always frustrated me. It does three things: 1. FLEXIBLE POST RECORDING QUANTIZE Allows you to do Quantize after recording MIDI, to a give... (more info)

Clip Quantize Mapper 1.1 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, dj
Video: This device affects the currently selected clip. The Clip Quantize Mapper performs the same action as right clicking a clip and hitting "Quantize". The advantage o... (more info)

recQtzSet 1.0 by keikusama
193 downloads, 2 Comments utility
You can set MIDI recording quantization by key/MIDI mapping, and easy to grasp current status without checking menu. This is tiny program. Improve to your liking. (more info)

Automatic Quantization Changer 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
6 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
The Automatic Quantization Changer automatically changes Ableton's quantization settings (both recording and global) based on which track is currently in use by the user. The user simply drops this de... (more info)

RecQuantCtl 1.0 by ShelLuser
281 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A rather simple tool which I made for someone on the Ableton forum; it allows you to control or automate the recording quantization. You can select an option from the menu, you can click the round bu... (more info)

cloud 3.5 by bongo808
0 Comments utility, other, beta
cloud is a preset manager (like Kapture or other devices), and a monome device manager. Non-monome users should try my other device called Brain. It saves and recalls pretty everything in your live ... (more info)

brain 2.0 by bongo808
7 Comments utility, other, hardware
brain is a preset manager. It saves and recalls pretty everything in your live set. First it was a part of my other device cloud, I made this version for non-monome users. You can access 32 presets ... (more info)

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