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Mylon 1.0 by padlach
702 downloads, 4 Comments effect, utility
This is my mod of Nylon by cvolm. Nylon generates chords from single MIDI notes and then distributes them in time, creating a 'strum' effect. This mod instead applies the strum effect to incoming MI... (more info)

NYLON Chord Generator 1.1 by cvolm
9189 downloads, 16 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
Nylon is a chord generator that emulates chord strokes of a guitar. Play up to 6 strings per chord, add dynamics by controlling stroke speed, acceleration and velocity, and humanize each stroke by add... (more info)

8 Knob Sequencer 2.3 by Because789
3706 downloads, 8 Comments sequencer, utility, other
A little sequencer to create odd midi patterns by twisting 8 knobs. It uses the Euclidean/Bjorklund algorithm to get interesting results. (There are actually 7 knobs and 1 button, but since i map the... (more info)

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