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Name | Version: Youtube 4live 2.1
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Introducing YouTube 4 Live: A Sophisticated Max for Live Device for Seamless Web Integration and Audio Streaming in Ableton Live

YouTube 4 Live is a meticulously designed Max for Live device that integrates web browsing and direct audio streaming from YouTube into the Ableton Live environment. This tool is designed to enhance the workflow of your music by eliminating the need to alternate between Ableton Live and an external web browser.



Integrated Web Browsing: Access web content directly within Ableton Live, enabling efficient multitasking and resource referencing without disrupting your creative flow.

Direct YouTube Audio Streaming: Stream audio from YouTube videos straight into your Ableton Live projects, facilitating effortless, track analysis, and educational tutorial playback.

Variable Window Sizes: Tailored to fit various screen setups and user preferences, YouTube 4 Live offers adaptable window sizes, ensuring optimal visibility and convenience for audio analysis and web browsing.

Streamlined Workflow: Designed to enhance productivity, YouTube 4 Live allows users to engage with online content and tutorials while maintaining an uninterrupted creative process within Ableton Live.


INSTALLATION GUIDE:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ensure the VIDDLL package is installed on your system.

Place the YouTube 4 Live device in the /Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices/ DIRECTORY.

Import the device into your Ableton Live session by dragging and dropping it from the designated folder, bypassing the Ableton browser for optimal functionality.

Complementary Workflow Enhancement:

For an even more efficient production workflow, consider pairing YouTube 4 Live with Split Wizard 2, further expanding your creative toolkit within Ableton Live.

YouTube 4 Live is offering an elegant solution for integrating web-based resources and YouTube audio directly within Ableton Live.


Live Version Used: 11.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Dec 21 2023 16:09:11
Date Last Updated: May 20 2024 11:58:00
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Very good device, useful to use as backing track ! do not need to open browser to navigate. Glad to have tried this one.
Works as promised and easy to use.
This solution is incredible for quickly managing samples from YouTube.
In addition, its creator is available for any type of questioning.

I sincerely recommend ❤️
This device does exactly what I need it for! I have a bunch of voice students who need songs from YouTube transposed and now it is soooo easy to get the songs into Ableton, warp, transpose, and send out for them to practice!

Brilliant work!

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